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The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Guatemala ratified the non-registration of the candidacy of the presidential formula of the Movement for the Liberation of the Peoples (MLP), made up of Thelma Cabrera, as a candidate for the Presidency, and Jordán Rodas, for the vice presidency , facing the elections on June 25.


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The TSE ruled this Thursday night against an annulment appeal that the MLP leaders filed to reverse the decision made by the electoral body at the end of January not to accept the registration of Cabrera and Rodas.

Rodas, former Human Rights attorney, announced through his Twitter account that they will appeal the TSE's decision to reject the party's registration in the Supreme Court of Justice.

“Given the violation of our right to be elected and the closure of the electoral space, our claim is transferred to the constitutional sphere. The courts must restore our rights,” Jordán wrote.

The legal team of the MLP arrived at the Civil First Instance Justice Center to present an amparo against the action that the Foundation against Terrorism filed before the Supreme Court of Justice to prevent the registration of the presidential couple.

Now they will wait for the resolution of the tenth court to continue with the legal battle.

This action is added to the amparo that they will present by the TSE resolution that indicates that the settlement presented for the registration of Rodas is not valid "since legal charges and complaints appear, which constitutes an impediment to being able to run for public office for For this reason, it is not feasible to agree to what was requested.

Due to this decision of the Citizens Registry, Rodas has already filed a complaint with the Public Ministry against the registrar Ramiro José Muñoz for ideological falsehood by "falsely inserting" that the settlement was not valid.

Now the legal process is transferred to the Supreme Court of Justice and if the resolution line continues, the last resort is the Constitutional Court. But the legal battle will take time and could hurt the participation of MLP candidates.

In the resolution issued by the TSE that maintains the rejection of the registration of the MLP, the dissenting reasoned vote of Judge Blanca Odilia Alfaro Guerra appears, who affirms that she has maintained her criteria.

In addition, he explained that the only reasons why it is not possible to register a Guatemalan man or woman for a popularly elected position are: that he has a duly executed sentence and when the person is within the cases established in article 16, subsection and of the Law of Probity and responsibility of public officials and employees.

"I disagree with the decision taken by the Plenary of Magistrates considering that the registration of the candidates Thelma Cabrera and Jordán Rodas for the positions of president and vice president must be declared," he added.

For Rodas, the magistrate's dissident vote "demonstrates that not everything is rotten in the TSE."

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