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The Guild of Heavy Transport Pilots of Guatemala carried out a national strike on Monday along kilometer 21.5 of the route to the Pacific Ocean of the Central American country, in protest at the exponential increase in fuel prices.


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In this sense, the union pointed out that at least 2,000 drivers will park on the highway located in the south of the country, which will affect the passage of vehicles to the capital; with the aim of canceling such a high tax, since a gallon of Diesel in the country costs Q45 (5.85 dollars).

“We will be paralyzing traffic, not blocking, we will simply all pull over to the right side and whoever does not collaborate will have to stay there,” said the president of the Heavy Transport Pilots Guild, Rony Mendoza.

Faced with the request of the union sector to the Government, the businessmen who have benefited from the Executive rejected the protest, justifying that the price of gasoline should be increased due to the conflict between Ukraine, Russia and the North Atlantic Organization (NATO).

The Guatemalan government asserted that the conflict affects the price of gasoline because the Central American country imports the fuels that are consumed.

Likewise, the General Directorate of Transportation of the nation communicated its actions in order to avoid the increase in transportation taxes for passengers, after several taxi drivers expressed the need to raise rates as a result of the increase in fuel prices.

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