Guatemalan Prosecutor's Office raids the headquarters of the Seed Movement | News

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The Public Ministry of Guatemala carried out a raid on the headquarters of the Movimiento Semilla political party, alleging the legal actions it has taken against the formation.


Guatemalan electoral body condemns raid against it

The Seed Movement from its Twitter account denounced the arbitrariness committed: "we express our rejection of this illegal action by the Public Ministry that seeks to weaken us and hinder participation in the second round of elections."

In the same way, the party rejects the political persecution of its members and supporters, while recognizing that said actions are spurious and illegal, which seek to instill fear in the population.

“We are going to defend ourselves because we know that by doing so we are defending democracy in Guatemala,” the Seed Movement asserted. Meanwhile, he urged to stay informed by consulting the party's digital platforms, "since this is the only tool left for the corrupt."

The case against Semilla is in the Seventh Criminal Court A, in charge of Fredy Orellana. These actions are part of the attempts by the Guatemalan Prosecutor's Office to prevent Semilla from participating in the second round of elections, which is scheduled for August 20.

The Guatemalan Prosecutor's Office had ordered the cancellation of Semilla on July 12, however, the Constitutional Court upheld the party and legally annulled the Prosecutor's request to suspend Semilla in the elections.

For his part, the candidate for the presidency, Bernardo Arévalo de León, stated that the raid on the headquarters of the Seed Movement “is the flagrant demonstration of the political persecution that we have denounced. They don't care about anything, and they're not going to stop."

“But we won't stop either, because we are going to sow the seeds of change so that Guatemala can flourish. That corrupt minority will not be able to stop an entire people united and full of hope,” he added.

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