Guatemalan Organizations Reject Deterioration of Justice | News

Guatemalan social organizations reject this Thursday in front of the Palace of Justice the deterioration of the judicial system and demand an end to the persecution against judges and prosecutors.


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The member of the Human Rights organization “Justicia Ya”, José Manuel Martínez, affirmed that: “We are here to express our indignation, our rejection of the deterioration of the rule of law, which has manifested itself in the persecution of independent judges such as the Judge Erika Aifán (…) as well as against prosecutors.”

For her part, the independent protester, Alina Arana Vicente, expressed that: “Justice is a failure in Guatemala, which has co-opted this system, where justice is only in favor of the corrupt (…) of those who have looted.”

The demonstrators denounced the head of the Executive Alejandro Giammattei and the Attorney General Consuelo Porras as those most responsible for the impoverishment of the judicial body, for which they demand that they be prosecuted by the courts.

In this sense, the member of the “Alliance for Reform”, Eleonora Murálles, pointed out that: “We are present here to tell the commissioners that their duty with Guatemala would be to exclude her (Consuelo Porras) as people who are not suitable to continue in the process.” .

Based on this, the participants urged the Nomination Commission, which elects the positions of Attorney General and head of the Public Ministry, not to vote for official candidates such as Consuelo Porras, Jorge Luis Donado, José Urrutia, Gloria Suchite and Henry Wilson. .

Similarly, they called on Guatemalan citizens to closely follow the election processes by attending the Visiting Room of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) during the interviews with the candidates.