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The candidate for the national vice presidency for the Movement for the Liberation of the Peoples (MLP) of Guatemala, Jordán Rodas, confirmed this Tuesday that the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) processed the amparo filed against the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). for leaving out the presidential binomial of his party in the face of the elections next June.


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According to Rodas, “the Supreme Court of Justice admits the amparo filed by the MLP for processing. They give 48 hours for the TSE to send a circumstantial report before the refusal to register the pairing.

Rodas gave his statement after the spokesman for the judicial entity, Rudy Esquivel, confirmed that the lawsuit entered the amparo section last Monday afternoon and is under study.

With the amparo, the MLP seeks to be part of the electoral contest, after the Registry of Citizens decided not to register the candidate for the vice presidency and the TSE declared inadmissible an appeal for annulment filed by the political party against the aforementioned decision.

On January 28, the Registry of Citizens declared the registration of the MLP pairing “inadmissible”. He pointed out that the Constitutional Court (CC), when referring to suitability, has specified that the right to elect and be elected can be interrupted in the event that there is a lack of candidate requirements.

According to the Registry, a verification of the settlement of Rodas was carried out and it was found that he had a complaint or legal charges, for which he assured that it constituted an impediment to holding public office.

The foregoing stems from a complaint filed by the current Human Rights Ombudsman (PDH), José Alejandro Córdova, who pointed out to Rodas alleged anomalies during the payment of compensation from when the vice-presidential man left the Ombudsman's Office.

However, Rodas assures that the settlement presented was fully valid, for which reason he filed a complaint with the Public Ministry (MP) for ideological falsehood against the director of the Citizens' Registry, Ramiro José Muñoz Jordán.

The vice-presidential candidate maintains that the Registry's resolution implicitly makes a false ideological statement and that Muñoz Jordán had the intention of causing harm and preventing the full enjoyment of his citizen rights.

Like the MLP, the candidate for the presidency of the Todos party, Ricardo Sagastume, announced that the party filed an amparo with the CSJ against the registration of the presidential binomial of the National Unity of Hope (UNE), made up of Sandra Torres and Romeo Guerra.

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