Guatemala will participate without an anthem and flag in the Central American Games

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Guatemala will compete in the next XXIV edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games with 348 athletes prepared to seek medals, despite the fact that their participation will be without the national colors Due to the current suspension of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

"It is sad, because one goes with the illusion of representing Guatemala, and when winning it would be beautiful to hear the national anthem, but this time it will not be like that"counted EFE the local walker Maritza Pontiuswho will compete in the 20-kilometer test of the regional fairs, which starts on June 23 in San SalvadorThe Savior.

The 28-year-old walker, like the other 347 Guatemalan athletes from more than 35 disciplines that make up the national delegation, will have to compete in San Salvador in a neutral way under the colors and logo of the organizing bodyCaribbean Sports Center.

If a Guatemalan athlete wins a medal in the Central American and Caribbean games, or in any other fair of the Olympic cycle, their anthem will not sound and the flag of their country will not be able to be raised.

This is due to the fact that last October the Guatemalan Olympic Committee (COG) was suspended by decision of the International Olympic Committee because there was government state interference local in their decisions, something prohibited by the Olympic Charter.

Said state interference took place when the COG bylaws were partially withdrawn in August by the highest court in the country, the Constitutional Court, after a legal recourse battle between two candidates for the presidency of the sports entity.

In the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla 2018Guatemala got 82 medals in total to finish in the sixth position of the general board by adding 21 golds, 22 silvers and 41 bronzes.

On that occasion, more than 400 athletes competed in the joustinga figure higher than that of San Salvador 2023, according to COG information provided to EFE.

In addition, some referents from Guatemala, such as the marchista eric barrondowinner of a silver medal in the 20 km walk in the London 2012 Olympic Gameswill not be present since the 35-kilometer test where he was classified was cancelled.

The suspension imposed by the IOC will remain in force indefinitely. and the Central American and Caribbean Games represent the beginning of the Olympic cycle for Guatemala towards the Paris 2024 Gamesbecause the Central American jousts, scheduled for 2022, were suspended.

(With information from EFE)

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