Guatemala expelled nearly 400 immigrants from Honduras

Guatemalan authorities only accepted 125 immigrants for humanitarian reasons.

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

The Guatemalan Migration Institute identified a group of 400 immigrants of different nationalities from Honduras who entered during the early hours of Saturday to Guatemala through the Corinto border post, in the northeastern region of Izabal. It is estimated that there is another group of immigrants that is about to enter the country in the next few hours.

The Guatemalan Institute of Migration explained that the migrants gathered at the El Corinto border, which links Honduras with Guatemala, some 250 kilometers (155 miles) northeast of the nation’s capital, with the aim of advancing through Guatemalan territory. country to reach Mexico and the United States.

However, immigration authorities expelled immigrants who do not have documents that authorize them to enter Guatemala.

Despite this, the Guatemalan Institute of Migration detailed that the entry of 121 migrants for humanitarian reasons was allowed, in a list that includes women and children, in addition to three pregnant people.

“These revenues are for humanitarian reasons since they need assistance for various reasons,” the same source pointed out.

The authorities do not rule out that a second massive group of migrants could show up at the border in the next few hours. The Guatemalan security forces, the Red Cross, the Attorney General’s Office and some agencies of the United Nations Organization are in the place.

Most of the migrants come from “Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti,” according to the Guatemalan Migration Institute, and dozens of Venezuelans even sang their country’s anthem for a few moments.

Due to its geographical position, every year thousands of migrants of dozens of nationalities try to cross Guatemala to reach Mexico and the United States in search of better living conditions.