Guadalupe Loaeza relives the most famous adultery in Mexico

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The note titled The best dressed woman in Mexico, in Lecumberrithat Excelsior published in 1951 in its red note section, inspired the novel The lover of the Nile River (Planeta), by the writer Guadalupe Loaeza (1946), which recreates the life of Suzanne Avramow, a lady from Mexican high society who was accused of adultery.

She was denounced by her husband, engineer Paul Antebi, director and founder of one of the most important French laboratories. Let's say he caught her red-handed. But he created the entire staging of her to divorce her,” warns Loaeza in an interview with Excelsior.

I knew the protagonist very well. She came to Mexico in 1941 to marry Anteby. They do it for joint property. They have two children. And he, who was very good at business, did not want to share her assets with her.

So, he agrees with his best friend, Roberto Gilly, and tells him 'exhibit her, take her everywhere, take her to cabarets, to restaurants, because I want to get divorced.' What Anteby never imagined was that Suzy and Roberto really fell in love and got married. And her children, many years later, also fell in love and married,” she points out.

The novel, he details, involved ten years of newspaper research in the newspapers and social magazines of the time.

It covers a decade, from 1941 to 1951. I didn't bother anyone in the family, I decided not to interview them because it is a very thorny topic. She told me things and I only supplemented the information in
the newspaper archive.

From this plot of jealousy and revenge, a story that scandalized Mexican society in the 1950s, which dominated the front pages of the national press, unleashing a public lynching rarely seen, I wanted to reconstruct the Mexico of that time. period. A country that was already very permissive and corrupt,” she states bluntly.

The author of The girls well, of which more than 350 thousand copies have been sold from 1985 to date, and The fine mares defines Suzy as a very free woman. She β€œshe was a Turkish Jew. She knew her body very well. She studied at the American Lyceum in Bulgaria. She was a well-read woman. She spoke three or four languages. She was in love with love.

But it also had chiaroscuros. She was a war survivor. She had her scars, she faced identity confusion. One of her weaknesses was consumerism, she felt a hole inside. Her life was like a kaleidoscope,” she says.

It is a quite feminist novel. I wrote it because I owed Suzy a debt. I think it has been misunderstood. I had to claim it,” Loaeza concludes.

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