Grupo Firme debuts a new member. Is Eduin Caz leaving?

firm group always gives something to talk about. Between parties, separations and scandals, as well as resounding crowds, it is how the Tijuana group continues to be under the spotlight, and this time with the arrival of a new member it is no exception.

Well, even though a few weeks ago Edwin Caz, vocalist of the famous group, decided to silence some gossip about a possible departure from the group. Apparently those rumors do have some truth, or at least that's how it seems to be on social networks.

According to various Mexican media such as the Heraldo de MĂ©xico, it was announced that the rumor that one of the members of Grupo Firme was going to leave the group is apparently true.

But it would not be Eduin Caz, but Christian Tellez, bassist of the famous group, who despite the fact that his removal from this concept has not been made official, there are details that would be confirming his goodbye.

Neither the group nor any member have made Tellez's farewell official. Nor has he mentioned anything on social networks, but there would already be a new musician in Grupo Firme who would be taking his place.

Who is the new member of Grupo Firme?

It was through his Instagram account, where VĂ­ctor Zavala, a young musical talent, officially announced that he was joining Grupo Firme permanently.

Zavala has been an emerging musician on many occasions in some Grupo Firme concerts, but according to his most recent publication, now he will do it permanently.

For a few weeks he has officially been the new bassist of the group led by Eduin Caz, this was revealed after VĂ­ctor shared on his social networks that since June 17 during the presentation in Monterrey, VĂ­ctor is already an official part of the lineup of said group.

"Monterrey I carry you in my soul because with you I started this new story and the first time is never forgotten"


Zavala also took the opportunity to reveal in this same publication that from a very young age his dream was to be a musician, so due to the precarious situation in which he lived, he and his family were never able to record a song in a studio, so he started to learn to play many instruments.

While Christian Tellez continues to appear on his Instagram profile as part of Grupo Firme, but various Mexican media assure that he would be the one sacrificed to make way for Zavala's position.

So far, no member, much less the official Grupo Firme account, has said anything about changes in the squad. But if this is real, they are expected to do so in the next few hours.

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