Grenadian Premier rejects sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba | News


The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, rejected this Friday the unilateral sanctions of the United States against Venezuela and Cuba in the XXII Political Council of ALBA-TCP in the framework of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly .


ALBA-TCP will evaluate regional challenges in its Political Council

The premier from Granada stated in New York that “very nice things were said at the Summit of the Americas. But, so far we have not seen anything concrete, no change towards Venezuela. Nothing about the criminal embargo against Cuba. We have to keep talking about these issues.”

In this regard, Gonsalves recalled that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines did not attend the Summit of the Americas held last June in the US city of Los Angeles, where Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba were excluded.

Based on this, he emphasized that “we must continue denouncing the illegal use of financial systems. This has innocent victims who suffer from these actions” while he pointed out that the measures affect not only the sanctioned country.

Accordingly, he stressed that “one of the problems we have in ALBA in the practical manifestation of collaboration and solidarity within the organization is that imperialism sanctions, applies unilateral sanctions.”

In turn, he specified that “we have to find a way to avoid these sanctions”, meanwhile, he emphasized that “among the integration mechanisms, ALBA is fundamental from the point of view of its anti-imperialist, anti-hegemonist position.”

At the same time, he pointed out that “it is inappropriate in my opinion that we see ALBA-TCP in transactional terms. If we do then we will undermine this organization. ALBA is based on essential principles that we must sincerely support.”

Finally, the prime minister called for the unity of the ALBA countries as an alternative to face the current complex scenario of the global economy and the sanctions of the US government.

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