Green Party proposes up to 6 years in prison for digital violence

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The parliamentary group of Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) presented an initiative in the Chamber of Deputies which proposes three to six years in prison for the crimes of digital violence and media violence.

The Green Ecologist parliamentary group in San Lázaro presented the initiative to reform the Federal Penal Code to include such crimes.

The parliamentary faction indicated that this initiative contemplates including the terminology corresponding to the acts that violate the private life of victims through cyberspace or media, as well as penalties ranging from three to six years in prison for the perpetrators.

It is contemplated to protect the population against those who disseminate, expose or reproduce, through technological means, material of a sexual and intimate nature without their consentwhich can cause irreparable psychological, moral and economic damage to the dignity and integrity of people.

The federal representative of the Green Ecologist and promoter, Ciria Yamile Salomón Durán, explained that, according to the INEGI in its National Survey on Availability and Use of Technologies of Information in Homes (Endutih 2019), just over 84 million people use the internet on any device, the majority of them claimed to have experienced cyberbullying in the form of false identities.

Salomón Durán explained that near the 35% of women victims of online harassment experienced sexual advances or proposals, while 33.6% received sexual content.

He recalled that although in 2021 the so-called Olympia Law emerged with the purpose of recognizing and sanctioning behaviors and acts that violate the sexual intimacy of women through digital media; In April 2007, the crimes of libel, defamation and slander were decriminalized.

“Actions that cause damage to the honor, dignity or reputation of a person are not prosecuted by criminal means, for this reason, victims of “cyberbullying” do not have the legal protection mechanisms to defend their human dignity and personality,” he warned.


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