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The Center for Legal and Social Studies (Cels) and Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo shared this Tuesday a new collection of declassified United States (US) intelligence documents with communications between the State Department and the CIA that indicate the " uncertainty" that was experienced in Argentina in 1983, "a year that was a turning point between dictatorship and democracy."


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"40 years after the historic 1983 elections, we present a new collection of declassified documents from the United States. 129 communications from the State Department and the CIA that point out the uncertainty of the year that was a turning point between dictatorship and democracy," they said. both organizations in their social network accounts X.

Through the analysis of the 129 documents, an attempt is made to provide answers to a series of questions such as "What were the readings of the US agencies on the final document of the Military Junta and the Self-Amnesty Law?" or "How did you analyze the human rights agenda of the (Raúl) Alfonsín government?"

After the announcement of the publication of these documents by Abuelas, the national senator for the province of Buenos Aires, Juliana di Tullio, wrote in Argentina was invented by the mothers and grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo".

The original documents from this and other collections are available in Declassified. A database that "systematizes and makes thousands of documents delivered by the United States government in 2019 accessible to society," explained Abuelas y el Cels.

This base was built collectively by a team made up of members of Cels, Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Memoria Abierta and students and graduates of the Communication Sciences degree at the UBA and the Institute of Higher Education in Living Languages ​​"Juan Ramon Fernandez.

Since August 2019, the team behind Desclasificados has made available a database of processed and classified information, based on the reading and translation of the files declassified by the United States, for the first time in Argentina, which facilitate community consultation. in general.

"Since the end of the dictatorship, human rights organizations stated that it was essential, to understand the practices of State terrorism, to know how the intelligence services functioned and what their international alliances were," indicates the Desclasificados website.

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