Granada, eliminated from the Copa del Rey after disciplinary action by the RFEF

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He Grenade has been eliminated from the Copa del Rey 2023/24 after a Single Disciplinary Judge of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) resolved that there was “improper alignment” for the participation of the goalkeeper Adrian Lopez in the first round match in which the Andalusians beat the Arosa (0-3), which will advance in its place to the next round.

According to the magistrate, “it is not valid” that the goalkeeper López, with a record from the subsidiary, Club Recreativo Granada B, is 24 years old and who played in the match that the Nasrids played on November 2 in A Lomba (0-3) , “aligns with the first team” despite the fact that this option is only allowed for footballers with the status of goalkeeper and “only in professional competitions”.

“The King's Cup, without any doubt, is an official competition at the state level or non-professional level”points out the Judge, that in addition to resolving the elimination of Granada condemns him to pay a fine of six thousand one eurosin application of article 79.1 and 2 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code.

In this way, the set of VilagarcĂ­a de Arousa It will be on Wednesday, November 15, in the draw for the second cup tie. The 28 matches that make up the round, in which 56 teams will participate, will take place on the days December 5, 6 and 7.

Just after finishing the match in A Lomba, the Galician club denounced that Adri LĂłpez's lineup was not allowed, as it was understood that the Copa del Rey is a "non-professional" competition, a condition that allows teams to use goalkeepers without a club record. first team. Now the judge has heard his complaint, to which it is possible Granada's appeal to the Appeals Committee within ten business days.

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