Governor of Nayarit uses the Prosecutor's Office to intimidate, denounces SUTSEM

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The governor of Nayarit, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero, has not only persecuted political actors, but also union leaders who have raised their voices against him, as stated by Oscar Flavio Cedano Saucedo, general secretary of the Single Union of Workers at the Service of the Powers of the State, Municipalities and Decentralized State Institutions of Nayarit.

“Unfortunately here in Nayarit you raise your voice, you point out some violation that is being committed by the governor and they immediately open an investigation file and start a intimidating chase, you see patrols on the corners of your house, you feel like they are following you to everywhere and you cannot raise your voice and point out that the man is doing a bad job in the state of Nayarit and through repression we are living a dictatorship here in the state.”

The general secretary indicated that the state president has all powers at his side.

“To make matters worse, the other two powers, both the Judicial and the Legislative, are subjugated to the Executive Branch, which means that anyone who dares to point out the mismanagement on the part of this government is engaged in a fight against everything.” "the state, because it has all the powers, the attorney general's office plus public security at its side and immediately a hunt begins against you or your family members."

Due to this situation, the union leader has had to go to the Senate of the Republic to ask for support, even the leaders of other political forces do not dare to raise their voices either.

"They use the prosecutor's office to intimidate you, intimidate you, and that issue touched me on the opportunity to go to the Senate of the Republic where I also mentioned it with some senators who supported us at the time, we mentioned this situation, we as a union organization have raised the voice that the governor is acting in an incorrect way through repression and persecution, no political actor, the presidents of the political parties do not have the courage to come out and point out to the governor what he is doing wrong, because he "What it does is capture them, imprison them and with that part continue to generate terror in society and that no one dares to point out the bad actions that this government is doing."

He specified that in Nayarit there is not a single union leader or social activist who does not have an investigation folder ready to be executed when the voice is raised against the governor of Nayarit.

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