Governments and politicians congratulate Milei for his victory in Argentina

Governments and politicians congratulate Milei for his victory in Argentina
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Presidents, opinion leaders and other figures in Latin American and world politics greeted the ultraliberal Javier Milei after his victory this Sunday in the Argentine elections.

Here are the main reactions after partial official results were known, which showed an advantage of more than 10 points for Milei over the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa.

– Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, president of Brazil (social network X, formerly Twitter):

«Democracy is the voice of the people and must always be respected. (…) I wish good luck and success to the new government. Argentina is a great country and deserves all our respect. "Brazil will always be available to work alongside our Argentine brothers."

– Gabriel Boric, president of Chile (X):

«I salute Javier Milei for his victory and Sergio Massa for his worthy recognition of defeat. I wish the Argentine people the best and know that they will always have our respect and support. "As President of Chile, I will work tirelessly to keep our sister nations united."

– Gustavo Petro, president of Colombia (X):

«The extreme right has won in Argentina; It is the decision of your society. Sad for Latin America and we'll see (…). The relations between Colombia and Argentina, the ties between their peoples will be maintained in mutual respect. I congratulate Milei. And we expect from Argentine progressivism the assessments that allow the Latin American peoples to learn from the lessons of history.

– Luis Lacalle Pou, president of Uruguay (X):

«I greet the elected president Javier Milei. "We have a lot to work together and to improve our bilateral relations."

– Guillermo Lasso, outgoing president of Ecuador (X):

«The Argentines have elected Javier Milei as their new president in a democratic process. The Government of Ecuador congratulates the elected President and wishes him the greatest success, so that he can solve the pressing problems of his country and make the most appropriate decisions that improve the quality of life of Argentines.

– Santiago Peña, president of Paraguay (X):
«On behalf of the Paraguayan people, I greet the brotherly Argentine people, for an exemplary electoral day. I congratulate Javier Milei on his victory and offer the cordial and fraternal hand of Paraguay to strengthen relations between our countries. To the great Argentine people, cheers!

– Laurentino Cortizo, president of Panama (X):
«I congratulate the Argentine people on the election of their new president @JMilei. I wish you success in this stage and I trust that, through cooperation, we will continue to strengthen relations between both countries and we will work together for the well-being of our people.

– Presidency of Peru (X):
«Peru expresses its warm congratulations to @JMilei for his election as president of the Argentine Republic. By wishing him the greatest success in his management, he renews his commitment to continue strengthening the historic ties of friendship and cooperation that unite our countries.

– Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS (X):
«From @OEA_oficial we send our congratulations to President-elect Javier Milei for his victory, wishing him success in his management that will begin in front of @CasaRosada. "We hope to continue strengthening ties of cooperation for prosperity and democracy in Argentina."

– Antony Blinken, United States Secretary of State (statement):
«The United States congratulates the elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, on his victory in today's elections (...). The high participation and peaceful development of the vote are a testament to Argentina's electoral and democratic institutions. "We hope to work (...) on shared priorities that benefit the population of both countries, such as the protection of human rights and democracy, the fight against climate change and investment in the middle class."

– Dmitri Feoktistov, Russian ambassador to Argentina (TASS press agency):
«The future administration has a great job ahead of it in overcoming social and economic problems, in strengthening the unity of society, in increasing the role and weight of Argentina in international affairs. "We hope that the course of adhering to multipolarity, independent foreign policy and firm protection of national interests will receive further development."

– Donald Trump, former president and candidate for re-election of the United States (Truth Social):
"I'm very proud of you. "You will completely change your country and make Argentina great again."

– Jair Bolsonaro, former president of Brazil (X):
«Congratulations to the Argentine people for their victory with @JMilei. Hope shines again in South America. (…) May these good winds reach the United States and Brazil so that honesty, progress and freedom return to all of us.

– María Corina Machado, Venezuelan opposition leader (X):
«Congratulations to all Argentines for an exemplary electoral process, and to their elected President, Javier Milei. The fight for change and Freedom advances in Latin America. Long live Argentina! Long live free Venezuela!

– Santiago Abascal, president of the Spanish far-right party VOX (X):
«Congratulations dear Javier Milei on your great victory. (…) Today a path of future and hope opens for Argentines and all of Latin America, which we celebrate in Spain with special joy. Long live Spain, long live Argentina, live free of socialism and sovereign!

– Elon Musk, tycoon and owner of the social network X:
"Prosperity is about to come to Argentina."

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