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The Venezuelan Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Europe, Franklin Ramírez, led this Wednesday at the Foreign Ministry headquarters the inter-ministerial meeting in which the tourist potential of the state of La Guaira was evaluated and sectors such as the local Construction Chamber proposed initiatives to expand it.


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Among the proposals collected by the Tourism portfolio, investment in infrastructure and services for the attention of foreign tourists and an international cooperation project to twin La Guaira with European cities stand out.

La Guaira projects the construction of works of cultural interest such as the Marine Museum and the new headquarters of the nucleus of the System of Youth and Children's Orchestras and Choirs. On the other hand, it has already inaugurated the Jorge Luis García Carneiro baseball stadium, also known as Fórum de La Guaira, with a capacity of 14,300 spectators.

Additionally, the possibility of exposing the tourist and port benefits of La Guaira during the Hamburg Fair, scheduled for September of this year in Germany, was discussed.

The Ministry of Tourism reported that new air connections have been agreed with multiple operators, which will take international tourists to La Guaira, Barquisimeto and Margarita directly from Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Poland.

The head of Venezuelan Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, explained that thanks to the signing of new agreements, Venezuela will raise the registration of foreign visitors to the levels it had ten years ago.

La Guaira is a coastal entity, located 30 minutes from the capital, Caracas, and is home to the main international airport and the second largest port in the country, for which reason the initiative contemplates turning it into a town of entry for tourist cruises and international cargo . According to estimates, this proposal would create some 8,000 new jobs, both direct and indirect.

Padrón declared on August 16 that he estimates an increase of more than 50 percent in the entry of international tourists compared to 2022, when the figure exceeded 656,000 people. He explained that an average of 2,740 people enter the country daily so far in 2023.

Despite the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States and the European Union on the Venezuelan economy, the country is advancing in the recovery of its infrastructure and its connectivity with the world.

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