Government of Venezuela announces that it will continue national dialogue

Government of Venezuela announces that it will continue national dialogue | News

The delegation of the Government of Venezuela that participates in the national dialogue process announced this Thursday that, in agreement with a sector of the opposition, the Second Partial Agreement for the Protection of the Venezuelan People will be signed in Mexico.


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In a statement, the president of the National Assembly and head of the government delegation at the dialogue table in Mexico, Jorge Rodríguez, stated that the Second Social Agreement creates “a practical mechanism, aimed at addressing vital social needs and addressing service problems public, based on the recovery of legitimate resources, property of the Venezuelan State, which today are blocked in the international financial system”.

The document indicates that these assets, “illegally and unfairly blocked”, will be used to reinforce the health system, the electric power service, and attention to a part of the school infrastructure, to needs derived from the emergency due to the rains and food support programs

Through the statement, the Executive reaffirmed its rejection of the arrest of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. In addition, it demanded “their immediate release of him and his full incorporation as a member of the Delegation of the Government of Venezuela.”

In addition to wishing for the success and concretion of this agreement in social matters to protect the Venezuelan people, it was ratified that the Bolivarian Government will commit all the efforts at its disposal for its compliance.

Finally, Rodríguez stressed that “we are convinced that this social agreement will open the doors to advance the extensive agenda of national dialogue, in the fulfillment of all its objectives for the good of our Homeland.”

The national dialogue process takes place with the facilitation of Norway. In this regard, the embassy of that country in Mexico and Central America reported through its social networks that the Venezuelan government and the opposition “have decided to resume the process of dialogue and negotiation in Mexico on November 26, facilitated by Norway. There the parties will sign a partial agreement on social matters.”

In turn, the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, conveyed “the warmest welcome to our Venezuelan brothers. Hopes and good news will be the fruit of the dialogue and understanding that they have undertaken. Always count on Mexico”.