Government of Quintana Roo, pending the orderly growth of cities and municipalities: Carlos Joaquín

To continue promoting the orderly growth of the municipalities with sustainability criteria, the governor Carlos Joaquín began work for the rehabilitation of the avenue 115 and the 28 of July in Playa del Carmen.

The modernization of these two main arteries of the Heart of the Riviera Maya will improve vehicular traffic, save travel time, but above all, renew the image of the city through better public services and urban facilities.

“It is important that we keep pace with the demographic growth of municipalities such as Solidaridad, which is always accelerated, in a hurry, such as Playa del Carmen, which is at double digits, such as Puerto Aventuras, and which require adequate public services,” said the governor. Carlos Joaquin.

He added that although there are results throughout his administration, there is still much to be done to avoid social, security and other problems that are experienced daily. For this reason, he urged the municipal authorities to work in a coordinated manner to improve the quality of life of the people.

During a work tour, the head of the Executive made a visit to the rehabilitation works of Avenida 115 between Av. 28 de Julio and Av. Mayapán and the rehabilitation of Avenida 28 de Julio between federal highway and Av. Chemuyil where patching program is carried out.

The head of the Ministry of Public Works, William Conrado Alarcón explained that in the rehabilitation of Avenida 115 between Av. 28 de Julio, 9 million 846 thousand pesos are invested and the works corresponding to the placement of 12 thousand 897.29 square meters of asphalt layer 5 centimeters thick, horizontal marking and stabilization of damaged areas, as well as the construction of 7 absorption wells with sandboxes.

Likewise, in the works of Avenida 28 de Julio between federal highway and Av. Chemuyil, 10 million 640 thousand pesos are invested for placement of 6 thousand 208.32 square meters of asphalt concrete layer 5 centimeters thick, resurfacing in 15 thousand 199.68 square meters with hot asphalt concrete 3 centimeters thick and horizontal marking with thermoplastic paint.

The governor pointed out that during his administration different road and urban works have been carried out in which more than 100 million pesos have been invested in works in the municipality of Solidaridad.

The municipal president Lili Campos highlighted the support and backing of the state government to meet and solve the needs of the people, with those of these avenues that were abandoned for several years and today require attention.

During the open-air event, health measures were applied, such as temperature taking, application of alcohol gel, healthy distance and application of rapid tests for the detection of Covid 19, free of charge.

Yohanet Torres Muñoz, Secretary of Finance and Planning; Senator Mayuli Martínez Simón; Kira Iris San, deputy of the XVI Legislature of the State Congress; Salsi Merary Ayil Herrera, president of the Work Social Control Committee, as well as representatives of work committees, schools, associations and neighbors.

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