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The Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, called this Wednesday for early general elections for next November 1, seven months ahead of schedule.


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In this sense, the Social Democratic executive characterized the electoral event as a security election, in which the most important thing will be to guarantee the security of the Danish people in the face of inflation and the energy crisis.

He further added that during the elections the government will seek collaboration with other parties from the political center, further noting that they are prepared to engage and cooperate.

He also pointed out that the Social Democrats have stressed their intention to form a new government that brings together formations from both parts of the political center.

"We are ready for both compromise and collaboration, because in the difficult times we live in, with opposition facing the world, with intertwined crises, the time has come to test a new form of government in Denmark, a policy of collaboration with more commitments that we want to lead," said Frederiksen.

Previously, the Social Liberal Party, one of the supports that gives the majority to the social democratic government, had announced that if the premier did not call elections at the beginning of the parliamentary course, they would present a motion of censure, after the presentation of a report critical of the Executive's management in the sacrifice of millions of minks due to a mutation of the coronavirus.

As a result of the report presented, last July, Parliament approved an official reprimand for Prime Minister Frederiksen, although it refused to apply other harsher measures, as the opposition demanded, thanks to the votes of the allies of the Social Democrats, who guarantee a majority in the House.

For her part, the executive acknowledged the errors in her actions, although she attributed them to the critical situation in which the country found itself in the midst of the epidemiological context of Covid-19.

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