Government of Bolivia reaches agreements with peasants from Santa Cruz | News


The peasants of Santa Cruz, who arrived in La Paz in a march, signed an agreement with the Government to establish a meeting with President Luis Arce next Friday, August 12, in order to set up work groups.


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The leaders of the 300 marchers who arrived at the Government headquarters, after 28 days of walking from the Santa Cruz municipality of Pailón, met with the Deputy Minister of Lands, Ramiro Guerrero, where they reached an agreement

In this way, the mobilized decided to lift the blockades in La Paz and on the road that connects Santa Cruz with Beni.

“The strike and vigil in La Paz is lifted, in case the work tables are not reinstated on August 12 with the presence of the president, the action measures will be resumed with an indefinite blockade as of August 13,” said the leadership of the Single Trade Union Federation of Peasant Workers of Santa Cruz “Apiaguaiki Tüpa”.

By August 12, they expect President Luis Arce, in the city of Santa Cruz, to lead the resumption of negotiations regarding the modification of Supreme Decree (DS) 29215 and the Law of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA) .

“We value the level of maturity and breadth of the leaders and, even more so, on the eve of our national holiday,” said the Deputy Minister of Lands, Ramiro Guerrero.

“We reached this agreement where the government has always shown a willingness and breadth to dialogue,” said Guerrero, who was part of the negotiations and the agreement this Friday.

The Minister of Public Works, Services and Housing, Edgar Montaño, reported that after this meeting the blockade in Puerto Pailas was lifted, which was the last one to persist.

Those who were in Buena Vista, San Ramón and Guarayos province (in Santa María and Cerro Grandre) had already been removed before noon this Friday.

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