Government of Bolivia confirms the start of the fifth wave of Covid-19 | News


Bolivian health authorities confirmed this Monday the start of the fifth wave of Covid-19 in the South American country, after surpassing the fourth with a favorable case fatality rate of 0.7 percent.


Bolivia anticipates fifth wave of Covid-19 due to rise in infections

The Minister of Health and Sports, Jeyson Auza, reported that: “We are closing the fourth epidemiological wave with a 0.7 percent case fatality rate, which is far from what the first wave was, where we reported a 6.2 percent case fatality rate.”

At the same time, Auza pointed out that: “The case fatality rate in the fourth wave dropped to 0.7 percent, more than 8 times less than the 6.2 percent of the first wave. This is thanks to the implementation of our National Vaccination Plan and our comprehensive strategy to fight Covid-19.”

Similarly, the health minister pointed out that the most affected departments have been: La Paz, Cochabamba, Tarija, Oruro, Beni and Pando while infections decreased in Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and Potosí.

Likewise, the minister assured that during the fourth wave the loss of 2,779 people was mourned, which represents a significant decrease compared to the 9,005 deaths registered in the first wave.

In this sense, he stressed that: “This is not the product of spontaneous generation, this is thanks to more than 4.3 million tests acquired, it is thanks to 18 state laboratories operating to carry out PCR tests.”

In turn, Auza added that the result has also been possible “thanks to an Inlasa equipped and trained to detect the different variants of Covid-19, to 22.5 million doses acquired to guarantee vaccination of one hundred percent of our Bolivian population.

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