Google will remove call recording apps from the Play Store

The new policy will take effect from mid-May.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As of May 11, applications that allow recording calls will be removed from the Google app store. The measure is due to a change in the policies of the Play Store, which will take effect from next month.

As reported by Google, the new directive prevents applications from being published that make use of user calls by not allowing them to have the accessibility permissions for it.

This position of Google before the applications to record calls on Android is not entirely recent. Since the arrival of Android Marshmallow (2015) and later Android Pie (2018), the company had tried to take ground from this type of apps.

This had forced call recording applications to have to depend on accessibility permissions, something that Google’s new policy is totally ruled out.

One of the reasons the tech giant made this decision is that a significant number of applications, including those mentioned above, were making improper use of accessibility permissions.

These include requesting permissions to install or uninstall other apps, view user notifications, and thus circumvent Android privacy controls.

In this way Google promises to protect the privacy of its usersby preventing applications from making use of features for which they should not have access.


Despite Google’s announcement, users who already have call recording applications will be able to continue using them without any problem. The only drawback is that these cannot be updated.

In addition to this, people they will be able to continue installing this type of apps, however, they must do so by downloading them from unofficial application repositories. The main problem with this is that they will not have any security mechanism that protects them against potential viruses.

On the other hand, in the case of some brands such as Xiaomi, users will be able to use the native functionalities of their terminals to record calls. In this way, Google’s announcement should not have a great impact on the way in which they communicate and store the audios of their calls.

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