Google Pixel Fold they filter what the companys first folding

Google Pixel Fold: they filter what the company’s first folding phone will look like

It is common for information regarding Google phones to leak prior to its official launch

Photo: THOMAS URBAIN/AFP/Getty Images

Google was once again the victim of a leakthis time the information published on social networks is about a supposed Pixel Fold, which would be the company’s first foldable phone.

In the renders published by the YouTube channel Front Page Tech, it can be seen A rendering of what Google’s Pixel Fold will look likewhich resembles the smartphones previously presented by the South Korean Samsung.

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold | Photo: Screenshot

Google phone leaks are nothing newsince weeks or even months before the company officially presents its products, the appearance and characteristics of these are usually available on the Internet. The renders of the Pixel Fold suggest that the device will be wider than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, the leaked images suggest that the appearance of the new phone would be similar, at least from the front, to the Pixel 7.

From what could be known through the filtration, Regarding the rear cameras, they are located on one of the sides.. This generates that when using the equipment in full screen mode there is an unevenness that can be uncomfortable. This is because the Pixel Fold maintains the style of having a camera module that protrudes from the body of the phone.

Where the Pixel Fold does make a difference from the rest of the folding phones is in the fact that in Google they chose not to incorporate a camera below the screen, something that has become a common denominator among many teams. Instead they opted for a hole in the screen to locate the 9.5 megapixel lens of the front camera.

The leak also revealed that the code name of the Pixel Fold development project is “Project Passport”. and that this will be treated as a high-end device. This would be reflected in a price, which is believed to exceed the $1,800 per unit and that would position it as a phone available to a select group of users willing to pay that much money for a foldable device.

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