Google Maps Shows You How Much Space Junk Orbits Earth

LeoLabs, a leading satellite collision detection and monitoring firm, has published a map of the Earth that allows to appreciate in real time all the space junk that orbits our planet. The map shows thousands of pieces orbiting at thousands of miles per hour and posing a threat to satellites and security in space.

The map, created using Google Maps, tracks pieces from 0.39 inches. This is because the speed at which they travel is so high that any impact against a satellite or the International Space Station could cause a total destruction of the structure.

The main problem with this is that an event of these characteristics would create an even greater number of debris, which would cause a chain reaction with the rest of the operational satellites.

What is space junk

Space junk is a term that refers to any artificial object that is in orbit around the Earth and that no longer has a useful function.. These objects can range in size from small pieces less than one centimeter to large discarded satellites and abandoned rockets. Most space debris originates from human activity, such as satellite launches and space missions, and can also include debris generated by collisions and explosions in space.

The accumulation of space debris represents a real threat to security in space., since these objects can collide with working satellites and cause irreparable damage. Furthermore, space debris can also hinder space exploration and scientific research, as it limits the ability of satellites to move freely in space.

What is done to eliminate it?

To combat the accumulation of space debris, various measures have been implemented, such as the active removal of satellites and the regulation of the launch of new satellites. Technologies are also being developed to collect and dispose of existing space debris, such as the use of nets and harpoons to catch objects and drag them into the atmosphere, where they disintegrate.

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