Google claims that two-step login verification reduces hacks by 50%

Google already offers two-step verification to more than 150 million users

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Google reported that using two-step authentication mechanisms can help reduce computer attacks suffered by its users by up to 50%. The company indicated that this type of security measures are necessary in the face of the constant increase in attacks perpetrated by hackers.

Today's cybercriminals don't discriminate when it comes to who they target online. Everyone, from politicians and celebrities to ordinary citizens, is at risk of having their personal information stolen.

They assure that thinking about this situation have been working, not only to solve any type of vulnerability in their systems, but also to eliminate as far as possible the threats that their users face.

“We know that your Gmail is often the link to access your non-Google accounts, for banking, social networking, shopping and more. That's why Gmail security is critical to our work to keep you safe online," they said in a statement posted on Google's website.

With this goal in mind decided to start offering a new layer of security through two-step authentication mechanisms. This helps make it more difficult for criminals to gain access to users' Google accounts, providing a new sense of security.

This has meant that more than 150 million users are already safeas shown the figures of attacks carried out by hackers, which was around 50%.

“This decline says a lot about how effective it can be to have a second form of verification to protect your data and personal information. And although we are proud of these initial results and happy with the response we've received from our users and the community, we're excited about other ongoing work we're doing behind the scenes to make our users even safer."

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