Google buys cybersecurity company for more than $5.4 billion: what it means for users

Google reported that it reached an agreement for the purchase of Mandiant, one of the most important cybersecurity companies in the world, in a deal for more than $5,400 million. The announcement was made by both companies through an official statement.

According to the information that has transpired, The operation will be carried out by means of a cash payment at a price of 23 dollars per share..

Although the name Mandiant may be unknown to a large part of the population, this company is responsible for having discovered the most sophisticated hack in history in 2020. The attack committed against the company SolarWinds put in trouble some 18,000 companies, including Microsoft, as well as other large companies in the industry.

After its acquisition, Mandiant, along with its 600 consultants and 300 analysts, will become part of Google Cloud ithus integrating the cybersecurity services offered by Google.

One of the elements that Google intends to achieve through the purchase of Mandiant is strengthen its consulting services in biosafetydetection of computer attacks, creation of rapid response tools as well as validation, control and monitoring.

The purchase of the cybersecurity firm means the largest outlay of this type that Google has made to date. However, it is not the first of these characteristics carried out by the company.

The first of them occurred in 2012 when the company bought the Spanish firm VirusTotal. More recently, in January 2022, they bought the company Siemplify in a deal worth more than $500 million.

Competitive Interest

The Mandiant purchase occurs at a time when different actors expressed interest in taking over the company. Among this list stands out the name of Microsoft, a company that could not reach a formal agreement with the owners of Mandiant.

Part of this interest is due to the fact that whoever controls this cybersecurity company will become an obligatory reference.

In this sense from this deal Google can become an important support of the United States government when it comes to cybersecurity.

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