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The technological multinational Google announced on Wednesday that it blocked the mobile phone applications of the Russian media Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik from its Play App Store, due to the armed conflict between that nation and Ukraine.


Google blocks RT and Sputnik channels on YouTube in Europe

Google, the main subsidiary of the American Alphabet, dictates this new sanction hours after having immediately blocked the RT and Sputnik channels on YouTube throughout Europe.

Said web video platform had previously prohibited the monetization of several Russian channels, including RT, alleging that as a result of "extraordinary circumstances, YouTube is pausing the ability of a number of channels to monetize."

Regarding this situation of armed conflict in Ukraine, Google alleged in its blog that its teams "continue to monitor the situation 24 hours a day to take rapid and extraordinary measures to stop the spread of misinformation and interrupt online disinformation campaigns," amen. not to cite a specific example in this regard.

At the same time, he delved into the fact that on their different platforms they considerably restricted the recommendations at a global level for a series of media outlets linked to the Russian State.

For its part, the American company Apple also decided to withdraw the RT application from its virtual store in all countries except Russia itself, arguing that it "includes annoying content that endangers specific people or groups."

To which he added the suspension of the sale of its products in the Eurasian nation as a result of the special military operation deployed by Moscow in Ukrainian territory

The consortium added in a statement that it had also limited access to the Apple Pay payment system, and had stopped offering certain information on maps of Ukraine from its Apple Maps application in order to protect the safety of Ukrainian citizens.

Faced with these sanctions, the Russian Federal Service for the Supervision of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and the Media (Roskomnadzor) urged this Tuesday to "end the discrimination of the Russian media" and sent letters to YouTube and TikTok demanding that the restrictions for Sputnik and RT in the EU be lifted.

Said entity described such measures imposed and consistent with the blocking of accounts and the prohibition of broadcasts on its channels as "obvious censorship."

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