Goodbye to the Mexican Messi: Luka Romero leaves El Tri aside to uniform with Argentina

Romero has already had the opportunity to play in the first team of Lazio in Italy.

Photo: Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The Mexican selection He is very close to losing a great piece for the future of Aztec soccer. Luka Romero was born in Victoria de Durango, Mexico, but has the possibility of representing the selections of Spain and Argentina. In fact, the Albiceleste team managed to convince the young midfielder by summoning him to the preliminary list for the last days of the South American Qualifiers.

The case of Luka Romero is totally different from that of Marcelo Flores. The Arsenal player, despite being able to represent Canada and England, decided to attend to the calls of the Mexican team. Romero, 17 years old, favored the albiceleste colors.

Despite his young age, Lionel Scaloni sent him a wink by including him in the preliminary list. Without a doubt, it is a small message that indicates to Romero that it can be taken into account for the future. In case Romero sees minutes with the albiceleste team, the possibilities of seeing the midfielder with the shirt of Mexico or Spain are discarded.

Luka Romero, a jewel still moldable

The 17-year-old midfielder is getting a premature promotion. Romero has already had the chance to play in Italy's Serie A with Lazio. Despite not having many minutes on the field, the soccer player born in Mexico enjoys an important touch in professional soccer, in addition to possess in their soccer genes a European DNA forged in the inferiors of Sant Jordi, Formentera and Mallorca in Spain.

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