Goodbye, dear readers of “La Ventana Cultural”, goodbye


By Grego Pineda *

More than a year ago “La Ventana Cultural” was inaugurated, where contributions, legacies and aesthetic proposals from novelists, storytellers, poets, painters, photographers, artists and a range of art produced by Latinos in the United States of America have been aired. but also from other latitudes.

At the beginning of the Column, reflections and comments were shared about the surprise and fear that COVID-19 caused us and then “The Pandemic”, and we also meditated on the new way of living and how virtuality was imposed as the new reality. We had to understand and understand life changes and now we know that they are here to stay.

Now and after making a recount of the work carried out in 2020 and 2021, the time has come to close ¬ęLa Ventana¬Ľ and go through the door and leave home to experience new paths and have the freedom to imagine my windmills or look for jewelry for my Dulcinea. Life has cycles and it must be understood that way, in order to be reborn ad infinitum.

Along the way, I learned that I had an assiduous reader of my columns and that is why I want to show my appreciation and reiterate my high esteem, in addition to thanking you for a donation of books in Spanish, which I keep with long-standing respect. Thank you Ana María Delgado!

In the same vein, every week I have received from Mr. Hugo D√°vila Pozzuoli, feedback on my own literary criticisms, comments, reviews, chronicles or unpublished pieces. The precision and scrupulous care of its writing meant that, as well as published, it was eagerly awaiting that contribution from someone who is a technology professional. All the more reason to admire his insight and perspective on humanistic issues.

I cannot leave, without first mentioning Dr. Jeannette Noltenius, who is a dynamo in cultural activity in Washington DC and far beyond, creating ties that cross borders of all kinds and for being a powerful positive example of love, discipline and social and professional commitment, I wish you the best of success for your valuable management at “La Casa de la Cultura El Salvador.”

Finally, I thank the director of the ¬ęWashington Hispanic newspaper¬Ľ Nelly Carri√≥n, for her generous support and today that I have explained my reasons for starting a new path, I have found understanding, kindness and reiteration that I will always have a space available to publish when want it. My moral debt to the newspaper comes from my first publications in the USA, in 2004.

And as an affectionate farewell, I thank everyone in general and it is you who will add opinions to know, one day, if the sleeplessness, dedication and passion applied to each column, achieved its mission and if it was worth it.

Many of the columns were replicated in other newspapers and alternative media, which are recognized and thanked. And due to diffusion and technology, the characters that were part of the columns have been exposed to those who want to know more about them: Ani Palacios, Juana M. Ramos, Alfredo Del Arroyo, Luis Fernández-Zavala, Rubén Darío and Francisco Gavidia.

Clorinda Matto de Turner, Roc√≠o Uchofen, Jos√© Vladimir Monge, Sof√≠a Est√©vez, Mario √Āngel Escobar, Luz Stella Mej√≠a Mantilla, Ricardo Ball√≥n, Bessy Blanco, Salvador Ju√°rez, Edgar Iv√°n Hern√°ndez, Carlos Parada and C√©sar Vallejo. Lucrecia Forsyth, David Camero, Muriel Hasbun, Alex Marchand, Martiv√≥n Galindo, Katya Romero and Oscar Mauricio Gonz√°lez.

Ernesto S√°bato, Gustavo Flaubert, Miguel de Cervantes, Alfredo Carranza, Ram√≥n Jim√©nez, Quino Caso and his Mafalda, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Linda Karen Qui√Īonez, Carmen √Ālvarez Basso, Fernando Oleas, Sof√≠a Elescano Revelo and Lilo Gonzalez, Nicol√°s Shi, Elmer Romero, Miguel √Āngel Servell√≥n Guerrero, Alonso Cueto, Franz Kafka and Vincent Van Gogh.

Dr. Ezio Neyra and the National Library of Peru, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lima -MAC-, the American Museum of Poetry in Washington DC. And the X Poetry and Narrative Marathon 2021 “Health and Literature”, the Opportunity and Culture Magazine and the La Luna Theater were promoted.

* Magister in Hispanic American Literature, Salvadoran writer, lawyer and notary.

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