Good news for Bayern Munich; Manuel Neuer trains with the group

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Almost ten months after his serious injury to his right knee, the goalkeeper Manuel Neuer participated for the first time in a part of the collective training of the Bayern Munichannounced the Bavarian club.

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"It's a great feeling to be back on the field with my teammates. I liked it," he commented. Neuer After the practice.

After training with the other two goalkeepers, Sven Ulreich and Daniel Peretz, Neuer I was under the sticks in part of the training session with the field players.

The goalkeeper and emblematic captain of Bayern, champion with the Munich team in the Champions League in 2013 and 2020 and with Germany in the 2014 World Cup, was seriously injured at the beginning of December 2022, skiing in the Bavarian Alps, after the elimination of his country in the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

He then suffered "a fracture of the lower part of his right leg" [algunos medios hablaron entonces de una doble fractura abierta tibia-peroné]. Neuer He gradually returned to training, returning to the grass in mid-May, for individual training.

His goal was to be able to do Bayern's preseason preparation 100 percent, but he needed more time. At the end of July he had an operation, according to the club, to remove a piece of metal.

The return to collective training marks another step in the recovery of Neuer.

"It's a matter of days"Bayern sporting director Christoph Freund explained to German television ZDF on Tuesday.

At 37 years old, Neuer is confident of being able to compete in Euro 2024 in his country, despite the tough competition for the position with Marc-André Ter Stegen (FC Barcelona).


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