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Carlos J. Perez Garcia.

D.e of the march, a friend told me that, at over 70 years old, it was the first time she had attended a demonstration. When I asked her why she had done it, she told me that if she died tomorrow, the country that she was going to give to her grandchildren was not the one that her parents had left her. Therefore, she hoped that the march would achieve not only the main objective, not to touch the INE; but also that, in 2024, voters recognized that a change was essential to live in a country with economic growth, greater security, better health and education systems, more and better opportunities.

Despite the fact that the day had certainly exhausted her, she felt proud to have participated in a great event in Mexico City, which brought together the multicolored mosaic that is Mexican society. She marched along with the young and humble lady with beautiful long “straightened” hair and with the old lady with “20th century hairstyle”. She together with the young man with a tight shirt and a "square" stomach and the older man with a "brewer's belly", who did not deny their appearance as gay academics, as well as a very young couple, with their baby in a recycled stroller.

With all the vices of the old regime and the PRI-PAN concertation, no president had dared to touch something that, in a democracy even so imperfect, has guaranteed us reliable elections, alternating governments in municipalities, states, federal government; alternation in chambers of deputies, at the state and federal level and of senators. In additioneithern, has endowed us even with the useful and well-known voter ID.

Someone said that all this went against the "privileges" of the INE, and it would not be bad if action was taken to reduce really excessive remuneration (although quality and trust cost), but I am definitely in favor of our institute having the privilege to guarantee democracy, alternation and social peace. Regarding salaries, instead of lowering them and others like them, they should raise them for us.

Very confident and smiling, in addition to inventing his childish parade (counter-marching), the president now said on the democratic issue: Do you think that voters are going to move away from those who give them money that did not reach them before (well, there is something of that ) and that they provide medical service with free medicines (this is a lie and today it is further away than ever in this government)? Serious lies and deaths.

* PUBLIC HEALTH IS worse than ever and well below the private system, both medically and administratively, as well as in personal attention and the supply of medicines. Look, hopefully this is not a privilege only for those who can afford it (expensive and better), and that it continues to be so for more and more Mexicans.

* THE WORLD CUP STARTS TOMORROW and I had never felt so little interest, perhaps because it takes place on different dates than usual and colder for us. The National Team does not look very good nor does it give rise to high hopes, which at least will help so that, unlike previous editions, such great illusions and disappointments do not occur.

I have been and am a footballer (fan, player, manager). Although over time I moved away from the degraded soccer of Mexico and now I enjoy European soccer a lot, above all. Of course, I won't miss the games in Mexico.

In this competition the favorites are Germany, France and Brazil, but Spain or England can enter. Argentina or Belgium? Let's remember that there are always surprises, basically in the defeats of the powerful.

* SUNDAY OF THE historic march I was admitted to a hospital for an urgent gallbladder operation, although the infection was greater than expected and I had to stay for five days (instead of one or two) due to the resulting complications. The care and treatment have had to be intensive and I am doing well at home.

So I decided not to send an article this week, but then they convinced me to write it. And there it goes, with some effort.


The charge Be well! first appeared in The Arsenal.

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