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  • For those who had doubts about Jaime Lozano, today he closed their mouths. Good technician, good assistants and very committed to the project.

A very good FIFA date ends for Mexico. Goodbye to the grinders and quality rivals to start growing hand in hand with Jaime Lozano.

I dare say that the game against Germany is one of the best the National Team has done in several years.

And for those who had doubts about Jaime LozanoToday he closed their mouths. Good technician, good assistants and very committed to the project. The National Team has grown in these two games, which has not happened in a long time.

Guillermo Ochoa He is the starter because he is the best Mexican goalkeeper to date. And if he continues to take care of himself he will be the national goalkeeper in next year's Copa América.

Finally a good pair of centre-backs. One in Spain and the other in Italy. Cesar Montes and Johan Vasquez they made it clear why they are the best right now.

Edson Alvarez In midfield he is the leader of the team. He spends much of the game going forwards and backwards. He has his place secure.

Erick Sanchez He is a better footballer every day. The Pachuca youth player has the luxury of running the entire game like no one else and also scores goals.

I prefer to Luis Chavez rather Luis Romo, but that decision in the end will be Lush. And forward the chucky Hirving Lozanogood as always; Uriel Antuna A real revelation and every time he puts on the green shirt he performs better than in clubs. Curious case.

And the doubt of 9. Santiago Gimenez He didn't have a good game against Germany and Raul Jimenez He didn't have it against Ghana either. Henry Martin It seems to be the third in the order of importance. Good feelings, because the team has a well-defined style, because the players are more than committed and because the results are coming.

Drawing against Germany is not easy at all and they did it with a lot of personality. It's nice to see how the Selection of Jaime Lozanohe deserves it because he is a great guy and you always have to wish good people well in life.

This October FIFA date has left us with very good feelings. Good sensations.

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