Good End Tax Draw, with a purse of 500 million pesos

Good End Tax Draw, with a purse of 500 million
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He Tax Administration Service (SAT) has a total purse of 500 million pesosto award more than 326 thousand prizes in the Tax Drawas part of the discount program Good End 2023.

Andrea Yoalli Hernandezgeneral administrator of SAT Taxpayer Servicesexplained to Excelsior that these resources are not part of the federation, but are part of fiscal stimuli granted to participating banks.

The resources that are delivered are part of fiscal stimuli for the banks, they are the ones that collect the money, but it is credited through stimuli granted by the SAT,” he explained. Buyers who purchased a product or service from November 17 to 20, 2023, on the so-called Cheapest Weekend of the year, and paid with a debit or credit card from banking institutions, can participate in the Tax Draw.

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Furthermore, for the third consecutive year, the shops who have fulfilled their obligations prosecutors and they use a point of sale terminal. For cardholders There is a grand prize of 250 thousand pesos, which means that the entire amount of this purchase will be returned to you; In addition, there are another 321,260 additional prizes, to which purchases of 500 pesos up to 20 thousand pesos will be refunded.

Regarding businesses that have received a purchase transaction through cards, there are 4 thousand 987 prizes for 20 thousand pesos and a big winner for 260 thousand pesos.

The requirements for businesses are that in fiscal year 2022 they have reported cumulative income of up to five million pesos, in addition to having registered at


  1. When is? on December 8, 2023.
  2. Those who participate? Purchases with debit or credit card from November 17 to 20. Registered businesses that accepted card payments.
  3. When are the winners announced? Starting December 11, 2023.
  4. Where will the results appear? and
  5. Who gives the prize? Banking institutions through deposit or return of the purchase.

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