Gonzalo Peña reappears after being accused of being an accomplice of rape claiming to be innocent; Daniela Berriel denies it


Daniela Berriel / Gonzalo Pena.

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The actor Gonzalo Pena He reappeared on his social networks after the accusations made against him by the actress and presenter Daniela Berriel for alleged complicity in the sexual abuse she suffered in March 2020 and that he publicly denounced a year later.

More than a year after being denounced as a possible accomplice in the crime of sexual abuse against his former girlfriend, Daniela Berriel, the Spanish-born actor Gonzalo Peña resumed activity on his official Instagram profile, where he shared a statement in which he spoke of the complicated legal process he faced and that forced him to stay away from the public eye.

It is not easy to deal with the situation in which I was involved. I have needed, and still need time to heal because I really It has been an unfortunate stage in my life“, said.

He explained that, after taking some time, he decided to address his audience to confirm that the authorities issued a sentence in which his innocence was confirmed in the case of sexual abuse of Daniela Berriel that Eduardo Ojeda allegedly committed.

“A few months ago I was judicially pronounced innocent of everything that I was apparently guilty of.”

Gonzalo Pena

In his message, the soap opera actor like ‘What’s wrong with my family?’ and ‘Amar a Muerte’, he explained that he felt deeply grateful to himself for not giving up and “rise to such an unpleasant situationuntil proven innocent.

He also thanked his family for not leaving him alone for a moment, as well as his legal team and all the people who believed in him from the first day he was accused and have been on the lookout, but made it clear that he will not speak more about what happened. .

“I decide to address you through this statement, to make my situation clear. Out of respect for myself, my family and everyone involved I will not touch this topic again, ”she added.

He concluded by emphasizing that the situation he experienced will remain as a “bitter part” of his past, “but always with a clear conscience.”

“Life goes on and I with it. From now on I hope to live each day with a little more optimism, surrounding myself with positive energy. I feel calm that justice has been doneHaving said that, I decide once and for all to close this cycle”, he expressed.

Daniela Berriel denies Gonzalo Peña

With a couple of posts made through Instagram stories, Daniela Berriel shared her opinion on the statement published by Gonzalo Peñawhere he clarified that the actor was named innocent because she granted him a pardon so that he could testify in his favor in the case, but not because he really is.

Gonzalo Peña fled and they issued two arrest warrants. He made two statements, one in writing and one by video clearly pointing to my assailant. I granted him a pardon because the prosecution considered that his testimony is useful for an oral trial against my aggressor, which is why Gonzalo Peña did not go to jail.“, wrote.

And he was blunt in pointing out to Peña his guilt in the crime of rape, because by omitting what was happening in front of him he becomes part of it.

Do not be confused that he is not responsible for the act he committed. Justice??? Justice hasn’t been done since yet I am waiting for a protection claim that I have been waiting for about 9 months so that the case against Eduardo Ojeda can be taken up again,” he added.

Daniela Berriel responds to Gonzalo Peña's statements / Photos: Daniela Berriel's Instagram Stories
Daniela Berriel responds to Gonzalo Peña’s statements / Photos: Daniela Berriel’s Instagram Stories

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