Gold Cup 2023: Mexico qualifies for the Quarterfinals | Video

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Second victory in the Jimmy era.

The Mexican Soccer Team won 3-1 over Haiti and graded the CQuarterfinals of the Gold Cup 2023, thanks to the tie between Honduras and Qatar (1-1)meeting corresponding to B Group, held this Thursday at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The Mexican team did not play a brilliant game, but it was enough to beat a rudimentary Antillean team with goals from Henry Martin at minute 46, Ricardo Ade, own goal at 56 'and Santiago Gimenez at 83′. The Haitian discount was the work of Danley Jean-Jacques at 78'.

With this result, Mexico reached six points as the leader of Group Bescorted by Haiti with 3 unitsand in the background Qatar and Hondurasboth with one.

Mexico will complete the first phase this Sunday, when he meets Qatar, invited team to the regional tournament, meeting to be held in the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, scheduled to start sharp at 7:00 p.m.

Group B / Date 2
Haiti 1-3 Mexico
Stadium: State Farm
Headquarters: Glendale, Arizona.
Referee: Walter López (Guatemala)
0-1 (46').- Henry Martín
0-2 (56').- Ricardo Adé (own goal)
1-2 (78 ').- Danley Jean Jacques
1-3 (83').- Santiago Giménez

Alexander Pierre
Garven-Michee Methusala
Ricardo Ade
alex christian
Carlens Arcus
duckens nazon
(Derrick Etienne Jr, 72′)
Danley Jean-Jacques
Carl Fred Sainte
(Leverton Pierre, 86′)
Frantzdy Pierrot (Yellow, 16′)
(Mondy Prunier, 86′)
Wilde–Donald Guerrier
(Jairo Hestefano Jean, 58′)
fafa picault
(Carnej and Antoine, 58′)
DT: Gabriel Calderon

Guillermo Ochoa
Johan Vasquez
Edson Alvarez
Jesus Gallardo
Jorge Sánchez (Yellow, 18 ')
(Julian Araujo, 62')
Luis Chavez
(Israel Reyes, 79′)
louis romo
Erick Sanchez
(Carlos Rodríguez, 71′)
Henry Martin
(Santiago Gimenez, 62')
Orbelin Pineda
(Roberto Alvarado, 72')
Uriel Antuna
DT: Jaime Lozano

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