Gold Cup 2023: Mexico makes another role in Santa Clara | Video

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Another painful stumble in Santa Clara.

The Mexican Soccer Teamalready qualified to Quarter finals, completed the first phase of the Gold Cup 2023 with a 0-1 defeat against Qatara team invited to the Concacaf tournament, a meeting held this Sunday at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

In the same scenario, where the Tricolor He took the worst win in the Colombian era Juan Carlos Osorior by falling 7-0 against Chile in the Quarterfinals of the Copa América Centenario 2016, now this new setback against the Asian team took place.

The Mexican team suffered its first setback with Jaime Lozano on the bench after not being able to overcome a goal from hazem shhata at minute 27, enough for the Qatari team to claim the victory that classifies them to the next round as second place in the B Group.

Mexico with six points the leader of the second sectorwhile Qatar reached 4 units and surpasses Honduras on goal differencewhile Haiti ranked last with 3 points.

Now the Mexican team will face the second place in Group C (Martinique, El Salvador or Costa Rica) on July 8 in Arlington.

Gold Cup 2023
Group B / Date 3
Mexico 0-1 Qatar
Stadium: Levi's Stadium
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Referee: Drew Fischer (Canada)
0-1 (27').- Hazem Shehata

Guillermo Ochoa
Israel Reyes
Edson Alvarez
Gerardo Arteaga (Yellow, 74 ')
Julian Araujo
(Uriel Antuna, 81')
carlos rodriguez
(Henry Martin, 70')
Luis Chavez
louis romo
(Erick Sanchez, 81')
Santiago Giménez (Yellow, 67 ')
Orbelin Pineda
(Diego Lainez, 60')
Jonathan Herrera
(Roberto Alvarado, 60')
DT: Jaime Lozano

Meshaal Barsham (Yellow, 87′)
Tarek Salman (Yellow, 45+4′)
Ahmed Sohail
Homam Ahmed
Musaab Khidir
Moustafa Tarek (Yellow, 90')
Mohammed Waad (Yellow, 31′)
(Ali Assad, 40′)
Ahmed Fathy (Yellow, 27′)
hazem shhata
(Mahdi Salem, 78') (Yellow, 81')
Abdullah Marafee
(Youssef Ayman, 54′)
Tameem Mansour Al Abdullah (Yellow, 48′)
(Assim Madibo, 78') (Yellow, 90+3')
DT: Carlos Queiroz

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