Gold Cup 2023: Know the possible alignment of Mexico against Honduras

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The Mexican team by interim technician Jaime Lozano, will start participating in the gold Cup this Sunday at 6:00 p.m., Central Mexico time, before Honduras.

This will be the first game of 'Jimmy' under the command of the Tricolor after the spectacular departure of the Argentine bench Diego Coccawho only lasted seven duels as a strategist.

Know the possible alignment of Mexico before the 'H' at the NRG Stadium in Houston.

Guillermo Ochoa; Jesus Gallardo, Johan VĂĄsquez, Israel Reyes, Jorge SĂĄnchez; Edson Alvarez, Carlos Rodriguez, Luis Chavez; Uriel Antuna, Orbelin Pinedaand Santiago Gimenez/Henry Martin.

The biggest doubt of the boss of the Tricolor is in the attack. The Feyenoord scorer and Eredivisie champion or the cream-blue striker could start.

For its part, this could be the starting 11 for Honduras.

Luis Lopez; Marcelo Santos, Devron Garcia, Luis Vega, Wesly Decas; Deybi Flores, Jorge Álvarez, Alexander López, José Mario Pinto; Jorge Benguche and Alberth Elis.

Mexico is in Group B along with Honduras, Haiti and Qatar and is looking for its ninth Gold Cup title.

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