Golazos, not madrazos


Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

The vast majority of people who attend the stadiums where soccer is played in the so-called first division of the Liga Mx of national soccer go because they want to see great goals, not madrazos.

The ball player Mikel Arriola, president of the Mx League, says that there will have to be changes in the stadiums, I propose this strategy: great goals, not madrassas, to be in line with the 4T government’s strategy against drug traffickers.

On Saturday in Querétaro there were no great goals, only madrazos, a solitary cucumber scored by the visiting team and that was what apparently unleashed the brawl, although it will not take long for it to be known if there was a hand that rocked the cradle filtering real criminals among the fans who attended in good faith the match between Los Gallos Blancos del Querétaro and the “Foxes of the Atlas”. Balance 26 people injured, 3 of them very serious.

Whether they were fans or members of organized crime, the truth is that there was negligence on the part of the authorities, both from the Mexican Football Federation and from the state government, criminal negligence because the minimum protocols that must be implemented in all shows were not carried out. massive. And despite the fact that the brawl lasted more than an hour, reinforcements never arrived to support the useless private security guards. That says a lot.

In Mexico City, the protocol for the stadiums: Azteca and Olímpico Universitario, consists of separating the batons or bars -as copied from Argentine soccer-, one at each end of the building and the other in the opposite one. Special surveillance is put on visitors, in addition, groups do not enter or leave at the same time, they do so up to an hour apart, none of this was implemented in Corregidora de Querétaro. The groups also meet with the Secretary of Public Security before the game.

And as always happens, the governor or the federal authority comes out with regrettable facts and there will be no impunity as Governor Mauricio Kuri said this Sunday, one of those mentioned by the PAN national leadership for the presidential candidacy of that party in 2024. More than 48 hours have passed and no one has been detained so far.

They also complain that the media handle false information, but they are not able to timely report the balance, that is why most of the newspapers, such as the Spanish El País and ABC handled that there were 17 deaths, which could not be verified, but it did affect the country because they consider us savages, not that it is not true.


The act led by Dr. Sheinbaum last Saturday at the Monument to the Revolution, surrounded by five female governors, whom she subsequently invited to eat in her offices, has all the characteristics of a pre-campaign act, let’s see if she doesn’t get upset when the INE calls her attention or sanctions her… Alejandro Encinas, Undersecretary for Human Rights, before the National Meeting of Journalists that was held this Saturday in San Cristóbal de las Casas, promised to the attendees that there will be modifications to the protection mechanism for communicators. The current one is used to spread the cheese. I hope it’s true.

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