Goal annulled by Raphinha in Peru vs Brazil on date 2 of the 2026 Qualifiers

Goal annulled by Raphinha in Peru vs Brazil on date
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Raphinha scored, but Neymar was offside before assisting his teammate. (Video: ATV)

Raphinha was close to opening the scoring in Peru vs Brazil, match valid for date 2 of the South American Qualifiers for the Canada, United States and Mexico 2026 World Cup. The 26-year-old winger scored a goal, however, the referee annulled it due to his teammate's advanced position. neymar.

The 'bicolor' She took center stage from the opening whistle and was focused on the opposite field using high pressure. Thus, 15 minutes into the commitment, the 'scratch' He took advantage of the fact that the national defense was poorly stopped to damage goalkeeper Pedro Gallese's goal at the National Stadium in Lima.

The group led by Fernando Diniz left the mark 'inca' with quick touches on the right wing. The ball hit the steering wheel Casimiro, who was centimeters from the central circle. The Manchester United player drove, looked up and saw Neymar free. Immediately, he made a great pass.

Al Hilal's '10', in first gear, put the ball into the heart of the area. There was the forward Richarlison, who tried to control and overcome the mark of the Peruvian defenders, however, lost control of the round. Luckily it was left to Raphinha and he shot the Gallese goalkeeper to score the 1-0.

Raphinha almost scored 1-0 in Peru vs Brazil in the 2026 Qualifiers - Credits: AFP.
Raphinha almost scored 1-0 in Peru vs Brazil in the 2026 Qualifiers - Credits: AFP.

Immediately, the Uruguayan referee Fernando Rapallini, with the help of his linesman, declared offside. And it is that 'Ney' He was in a forward position. The central referee took a while to restart the game in the match and the members of the 'verdeamarela', among them Casemiro, came to complain about his decision. Finally, the match continued and also the tie.

Neymar was ahead of Raphinha's goal in Brazil vs Peru - Credits: Captura de América TV.
Neymar was ahead of Raphinha's goal in Brazil vs Peru - Credits: Captura de América TV.

If equality is maintained in the José Díaz colossus, Peru would finish the first double date with two points after tying against Paraguay in its debut. Likewise, it would remain in sixth position in the table, that is, in the direct qualification zone for the 2026 World Cup.

The 'bicolor' was once again saved from the 1-0 by the Brazilian team at the National Stadium. Because? Striker Richarlison scored a goal, but, at 36', after several minutes of uncertainty and the video arbitration (VAR) check, the judge annulled it for offside. Check what happened in the following note.

Fans will have to wait another month to see the Peruvian team in action again. In that line, the 'everyone's team', For date 3 of the South American qualifiers, they will be measured against Chili on Thursday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Monumental stadium in Santiago.

Juan Reynoso's cast will seek to break the bad streak of 23 years without scoring against the 'red' as a visitor. The last time this happened was on April 26, 2000 when they tied 1-1 with a goal from Juan Jayo at the Nacional in Chile. Since then they have recorded five consecutive defeats.

Their rival will arrive with a point added in the first two days. First, they lost 3-1 to Uruguay in the Centenario and, second, they drew goalless against Colombia at home. Due to these results, it is positioned in the last places in the Conmebol Qualifiers table.

Fernando Diniz and company, for their part, will receive the selection of Venezuela for date 3. This commitment will take place on Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiabá. The 'red wine' will face the duel before the 'scratch' after beating Paraguay 1-0 with a goal from their all-time top scorer, Salomón Rondón.

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