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Carlos J. Pérez García.

QMaybe that would have been, look at the data, an ideal moment to support investment projects and economic growth that would generate productive jobs. Now this is more uncertain and more difficult, since canceling a large project like the NAIM at any cost or showing so much distrust towards investments in energy and other sectors did not help at all,

These days the processes for choosing a candidate the presidential election comes to an end, with its novelties and its obviousness. One was dominated by a surprising, very attractive candidate in favorable circumstances, the other by a spoiled candidate defined years ago by presidential power and her excessive resources.

Woman against woman, could be the hallmark. And now the spontaneous approaches of recent months will be compared, versus those that were programmed and supported for a long time. Serious surveys confirm that today the lead is for whoever started first with all the resources and strategies, although there are 9 months ahead in which the contest can be evened out and reversed.

Look, whether they are favorable or not for each of us, I believe that independent polls (from newspapers, universities...) should be carried out and published in a timely manner. They even help the opposition not to trust themselves and confirm that there will be a need to make a great effort to stop the populist destruction of the country.

Claudia's general advantage over Xóchitl and others credits us with both the high yield of presidential support and the illegal diversion of resources to her positioning pre-campaigns, as well as the construction of another charismatic myth that is based on power and demagoguery. We should not be surprised now by her strength in the polls.

They say that personal popularity is not inherited, but AMLO's populist popularity remains at around 60% and benefits the Morena candidate. It should be evident: Popularity does not equal approval of a governmentand Recognizing someone who has been in a national campaign for 20 years is not equivalent to concrete results of his management either.. In short, populist speeches and actions inflate it.

As for the "principal problem to face, the perception of unsafety has overflowed and that tends to obscure other options in this classification. Such are the cases of health, education and the economy that are still important, but are underestimated due to panic in one of them.

Thus, of course, we can notice fewer difficulties and responsibilities than we actually have, which smooths out the unusual narrative that “everything is fine” and there are no serious problems. It is then conceived what would be a “blind loyalty” of officials and legislators of the 4T.

* THERE ARE CONCEPTS OR WORDS which, apparently, the current president will never understand... I feel that he is not interested in them even though they are fundamental for the Economy and economic policy, which he intuits or believes he understands. Likewise, an ideology doesn't help either.

I highlight examples here: productivity, scarce or limited resources, growth, markets, prices, subsidies, profitability, profits or remainders, cost-benefit analysis, informality, money supply, currency parity... They are basic, then.

If he tried to examine them and decipher them or derive some meaning from the relationships between them, he could make very different decisions than those he has adopted these years in important cases. And for his faithful it would be easier to reason various measures.

Thus, they embark on absurd routes with issues of growth, energy, property, supply of medicines... all of this reinforced by personal ideologies that only confuse and divert. The cost is enormous.

We see big problems in the crisis towards the end of this government and in the next, whether it is Morena or institutional reconstruction. It is Claudia who would suffer the most and, in fact, she would have to change—rather than continue—many things.

* XOCHITL IS THE CANDIDATE of the Front, and there are 394 days left until a woman becomes president, after a nightmare that requires us to resume our democracy with a strong State, not a big one.




The position Van appeared first in The Arsenal.

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