Giving opportunities to young people keeps them away from violence: Harfuch

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Omar García HarfuchMorena candidate for Coordination of Defense of Transformation in Mexico Cityhighlighted the importance of projects to address the causes and provide opportunities to young people to keep them away from violence.

When attending the inauguration of the Fourth International Festival of the Day of the Dead (FIDDEM) 2023 of the mayor's office Tlahuacthe former head of the capital's Police, that his support for youth was one of the main axes promoted by the former head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum in the city.

“Addressing the causes, giving other options to girls, boys, and young people, is the best thing we can do to avoid violence, to avoid and combat the structural causes that generate violence in our city. “It is our duty and obligation to attend to projects such as Schools for Life,” she added.

In the company of the mayor of TlahuacBerenice Hernández Calderón, the candidate recognized the work of the councilor, whom he thanked for the coordination they maintained in recent years in matters of security, where neighbors participated with an honest dialogue.

Also, he praised the 800 years of traditions, values ​​and honest work of the Tláhuac mayor's office, in addition to thanking him for the honor of participating in this special date to “celebrate life after life” and remember our loved ones.

“May these traditions that we have also become and take root in the values ​​that we have as Mexicans, such as the value of family, and prevent so many young people from falling into crime,” he said.

Finally, he called for maintaining unity so that Mexico City improves and indicated that in his tours he has realized that the city does not want or need more division or resentment.

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