Giselle González, producer of TelevisaUnivision, prepares her return to telenovelas

The telenovela genre is the favorite of the Latin audience of TelevisaUnivision and Giselle Gonzalez is one of the most popular producers. Giselle has been the producer of hits such as “Yo No Creo En Los Hombres (2014)”, “La Candidata (2016)”, “Caer en Tentación (2017)”, “Cuna de Lobos (2019)” and “Empire of Lies (2020)”.

Giselle's last production was "Empire of Lies" in which they starred Angelique Boyer and Andres Palacios and that captivated the audience from start to finish. Since finishing the recordings of this last series, little has been known about the production company, until now.

It is rumored that Giselle is working on a new telenovela that is tentatively titled "Nobody's Woman" and that it would be a rehash of "Amarte es Mi Pecado (2004)" in which they starred. Yadhira Carrillo and Serge Sendel at the time.

It was also announced that Giselle will be in charge of producing the remake of “Senda Prohibida” for the TelevisaUnivision streaming platform called ViX+. This would be a great challenge since "Senda Prohibida" was the first telenovela that Televisa made in Mexico, which means that the executives of the new TelevisaUnivision have a lot of confidence in it for such a project.

The Instagram account of "Imperio de Mentiras" was recently updated with a video promoting the soon return of Giselle González showing scenes from her past productions.

“Inspiring stories full of emotions that have left their mark and marked a style on Mexican television. Soon you will live a new adventure that will shake you. And because you are part of us… Very soon you will witness the new Giselle González!”, You can read in the publication.

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