Girl with cancer rings the triumph bell (Emotional video)

Girl with cancer rings the triumph bell (Emotional video)
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He video of a girl with cancer ringing the 'triumph' bell has shocked users of social networks and the emotional clip has gone viral, softening the hearts of Internet users.

With just a little over two minutes, this video It already has more than three million views on X, formerly Twitter, a social network where it has mainly been shared.

In the images you can see a minor being carried by a man. The girl is wearing a dress with glitter on top as she walks down the hallway until she reaches the back where other people are already waiting for her, as well as a dinosaur costume.

With batons, confetti and balloons, the minor is welcomed to come closer to ring the bell which is located right at the end of the place, near the door through which you are about to leave after finishing your cancer treatment.

Before reaching the bell, the man lowers it to the floor and stands just before the 'finish' bars to cross. In the end, the man picks her up and rings the bell while everyone smiles and records it.

Girl 'touches hearts' of Internet users on social networks

Everything is so emotional in the video that Internet users have reacted to the video with thousands of comments, the majority being empathic with the girl who had to undergo treatment to beat cancer.

Among the opinions we read:

  • The best I have seen on this account, without a doubt.
  • Blessings to her always.
  • Best wishes to all the children in the world with cancer.
  • How beautiful, my heart softens.
  • Here crying.

What does ringing the bell mean for cancer patients?

Children and adults ring a bell finish your medical treatment or after reaching an important stage of your illness, such as the end of a round of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. She is known as 'bell of victory' or 'bell of hope'.

Ringing the bell is symbol of overcoming illness, It is a way to celebrate success in the fight and an emotional moment to bring happiness, joy and hope to the patient.

Additionally, by hearing this sound, other people who have the disease or their families may find comfort and hope.

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