Girl dresses up as an offering for Day of the Dead and is moved online

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Within Day of the Dead Several schools in the country carry out activities that encourage this in children. traditionfrom gatherings to contests where the little ones have the opportunity to learn about the holiday and know its meaning in depth.

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That's exactly what happened in a school in the community of San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla, a municipality located in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, where, as part of the all Saints Day and prior to the celebration, A local school held a gathering in which the children had to go dressed in costumes and one of the students surprised everyone.

According to a publication on the social network The youngest, named Fernanda, had the original idea of ​​going disguised as a Day of the Dead altar. In the photograph you can see the girl with several stacked boxes, flowers, bread of the dead and a colorful bow pretending to be a traditional offering.

The photograph was shared by the user @quinomixe, who also assured This is not the first time that Fernanda has shown her creative skills, since last year she was dressed as the traditional bread of the dead from Mitla.a town very close to the city of Oaxaca and characterized by its beautiful decoration.

The publication also details that, in Ayutla, the Day of the Dead is so important that children will have 6 days without class due to the holiday.

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In Oaxaca, the Day of the Dead celebration is one of the most special, traditional and colorful in the country. where many customs, elements and varieties of food, bread of the dead and rituals are still preserved, hence the local population has a range of possibilities to represent the tradition.

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