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  • Champion with Cruz Azul and transfer to Europe, one of the best things that has happened to him.

His growth in such a short time is incredible, he takes the cake in every game and is the leader of his team. Santiago Gimenez He is reaching the best moment of his career and is still very young. The Feyenoord managers had a great eye to detect this young man born in Buenos Aires, but a naturalized Mexican. Gimenez He is the scoring leader in the Netherlands and threatens to do even more damage to his rivals. What strikes me most is his humility and that he has not lost his ground. Great job by his family to keep him grounded.

It doesn't take long for offers from more powerful clubs to arrive. Germany, Italy, Spain or England will knock on your door and then it will be time to decide where it is best to continue your career on the old continent. And his best years come in the national team.

With the Copa América and the World Cup on the horizon, the national team ensures that it has a great goal man for the present and the future. I know his father very well and I understand that she has handled him magnificently throughout his career.

Champion with Cruz Azul and transfer to Europe, one of the best things that has happened to him, although many do not know that he was about to leave football because his life was in danger due to a thrombosis. Just as they read it, Santiago He was close to abandoning professional football. Each match shows important evolutions. What he does with and without the ball puts him in a privileged position among the best forwards on the old continent. He does everything well.

And he is still the nice young man who does not deny anyone an interview and spends long periods signing t-shirts for his fans. He is a great guy Santiago Gimenez. Gimenez with G, because the other Jimenez, Raul, who is in England, has lost ownership of the national team.

Gimenez It is, at this moment, the maximum project we have. And don't think that it is a great merit of the lower divisions of Cruz Azul or of minor teams in Mexico, not at all, Santiago He is what he is thanks to his family and his environment.

I say this so that no one wants to hang medals that do not belong to them. I think everything he is achieving is wonderful and he knows perfectly well that he will soon have to say goodbye to the Netherlands to go to leagues of greater complexity and quality.

The best Mexican soccer player today. Don't have any doubts. Gimenez with G.

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