Gigi and Bella Hadid's family receives death threats after supporting Palestine

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The Hadids are receiving death threats for expressing their support for Palestine and condemning the deaths of thousands of people at the hands of the State of Israelwhich has led them to take measures in this regard.

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According to TMZ, everyone Members of the Hadid family, including models Gigi, Bella, Anwar and even their parents, Mohamed and Yolanda, have received sinister messages that have made them fear for their lives.

Death threats are coming through multiple meansincluding emails, social networks and even their own mobile phones.

The phone numbers of several members of the Hadid family have been leaked online over the past week causing many extremists even sent them graphic descriptions of how they would carry out the Hadids' executions.

The Hadids have been forced to change their number to avoid continuous threats. It's gotten so bad, our sources say Mohamed, the patriarch, is considering going to the FBI and reporting the threats against him.

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Gigi broke the silence regarding the conflict between Palestine and the State of Israel that has divided opinions around the world.However, his latest statements have provoked the wrath of Israel itself.

“My thoughts are with all those affected by this unjustifiable tragedy, every day innocent lives are taken by this conflict. I have great empathy and a broken heart for the Palestinian struggle and life within an occupation, it is a responsibility I carry every day. I also feel a responsibility to be clear, as I have been before; While I have dreams and hopes for the Palestinians, none of these include harming a Jewish person,” Hadid mentioned in his account.

This publication did not go unnoticed and the State of Israel He responded with a series of stories uploaded to his official Instagram account, which has more than 680 thousand followers.

“Gigi Hadid, have you been asleep for the past week or are you just turning a blind eye to Jewish babies being slaughtered in their homes? Your silence has been pretty clear about which side you support. We are watching you,” she threatened.

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In another story, the Israeli government added: "Gigi Hadid, if you don't condemn this, your words mean nothing."

Other family members have yet to publicly address the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

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