Get to know the suite that Toni Costa enjoys with Eduardo Rodríguez in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’


the spanish dancer Tony Costa38, passed in a matter of days be on the verge of elimination to enjoy all the privileges that ‘The House of Celebrities 2’ offers to the leader of the week and his companion.

Although the little girl’s father Alaia did not win the test that grants the benefit of sleeping in a luxurious suite, was chosen by Eduardo Rodríguez to become his companion for the next few nights.

The suite, which is entered through a spiral staircase located in the garden area, has many comforts, luxuries, privacy and even a jacuzzi for the enjoyment of its two tenants.

In addition to the jacuzzi, the suite, which can only be accessed with a magnetic card, has a pool tablein which Toni and Eduardo have already put their skills for this sport to the test.

The room is completed by a living room made up of a gray modular sofa, as well as a small refrigerator, a bar counter and a bedroom with its respective bed.

The bedroom is made up of a large bed with a gray-toned headboard, a lilac stool, two gray rugs, two chocolate-toned nightstands, several closets, a small gray-toned living room, a bathtub surrounded by plants, as well as a bathroom with a toilet and a toilet.

Toni Costa and Eduardo Rodríguez became the second tenants of the exclusive suite, since the first were the Mexican actor Rafael Nieves and Brazilian Julia Gamawho thoroughly enjoyed a delicious bubble bath in the Jacuzzi.

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