Get to know the mansion that César Millán, 'The Dog Whisperer', is selling in Encino

César Millán is looking for someone who wants to invent in his 'charming' mansion.

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The Mexican Marry Millán, 52 years old and who is known as 'The Dog Whisperer', decided put up for sale the beautiful mansion he owns in Encino, California.

The property, for which it disbursed, in 2017, $ 2,783,000 dollars and was built a year earlier, was released for sale by $ 3,995,000 dollarsSo if everything goes as planned, you would make a profit of more than $ 1 million.

The house, from what we could see in the technical sheet, has an extension of 5,620 square feet, with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

It also has a hall, a kitchen, a breakfast room, a dining room, a living room, a main room, a television room, a wine cellar, an office, a laundry room, a terrace, two garages, among others. bedrooms.

The kitchen is open and very spacious. It is equipped, like the rest of the ground floor with a wooden floor, as well as a white cupboard, with high-end appliances, with a central island that serves for cooking and as a breakfast area.

The master bedroom, which is where Cesar Millán surely slept every night, has more than enough space for a large bed and a living room. It also has a fireplace, a very large dressing room, as well as a bathroom with double vanity, with toilet, with shower and with walk-in shower.

Outside, in its 9,748 square foot lot, it has a terrace, with extensive green areas, with a saltwater pool with its respective spa area, with barbecue area, among other amenities.

In addition to the Encino house, Millán, who entered the United States illegally in 1980, owns another 45-acre house outside of Santa Clartita.

To see more images of the still home of the famed dog trainer, click here.

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