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After the deadline for the closing of the lists, all the electoral coalitions confirmed their pre-candidates to compete in the PASO on August 13 in Argentina for the presidential elections next October.


Union for the Homeland announces presidential formula in Argentina

Among the names made official before the electoral board are three fronts - Union for the Homeland, Together for Change and the Left - which will have an internal competition.

Union for the Fatherland

In the Peronist coalition of the Unión por la Patria, the duo of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the Chief of Staff, Agustín Rossi, was formalized.

Homeland Big Front

Juan Grabois, joined the contest at the last minute after obtaining the guarantees. Grabois will be accompanied by the researcher and teacher Paula Abal Medina.

Together for Change

The opposition has already presented its candidates in recent days. On the one hand, there is the formula of Rodríguez Larreta-Gerardo Morales, and on the other, Patricia Bullrich-Luis Petri.

Freedom Advances

The group led by Javier Milei was the first to announce the formula for the presidency. The ultraliberal deputy is accompanied by Victoria Villarruel. In this case there will be no competition in the PASO for this political space because this single list will go.

We do for our country

The organization has the Juan Schiaretti-Florencio Randazzo formula.

Left Front and Workers-Unit (FIT-U)

This space has four parties that make it up: the Socialist Workers Party (PTS), the Socialist Left (IS), the Workers' Party (PO) and the Socialist Workers Movement (MST).

The formulas are: Myriam Bregman-Nicolás del Caño (PTS), Gabriel Solano (PO)-Vilma Ripoll (MST).

new MORE

He did not enter the Left Front and has Manuela Castañeira-Lucas Ruiz as pre-candidates, but they will not compete in the PASO.

Labor Policy

The pre-candidate for president will be Marcelo Ramal and Patricia Urones will accompany him in the formula.

Free South

He presented the formula Jesús Escobar-Marianella Lezama Hid.

Front Principles and Values

The alternative goes with Guillermo Moreno-Leonardo Fabre.

Federal Patriot Front

The candidate for president will be César Biondini and Mariel Avendaño will go to the vice presidency.

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