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The Spanish language is very wide and diverse with words that can have one or more meanings, or perhaps none, but there are so many that some of them become the most beautiful to use in the daily lexicon.


Virginia Woolf Legendary Quotes

There are words that characterize the situations experienced and depending on that, each sensation or experience acquires a greater meaning than it had before.

Here are some of the words that you may know and others that may surprise you as they are not used on a daily basis.


With this verb we can create an image of collective responsibility. Transmitting sincere affection helps the collective construction of affections, which help us not only to transform ourselves as people, but also the environment.

2- Immeasurable.

It means that it cannot be measured. That it is very difficult or impossible to measure or value. What would you say that could be immeasurable for you?


According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish language (by which we are sometimes governed, but we must also transcend it) it means a desirable plan, project, doctrine or system that seems very difficult to achieve.

The other definition is the imaginative representation of a future society with characteristics that favor human good.

4- Unspeakable

Can it be that a word is not expressed in words? It’s not a tongue twister. It is that this word means that something is so incredible that it cannot be expressed in words.

5- Petrichor

Can a smell be translated into words? You are right. Petrichor is the name given to the smell that rain produces when it falls on dry soil.

6- Certainty

Certainties may not encourage you to continue and reconfigure. But they can also help you gain a foothold in them. According to the RAE, it has two meanings: Sure and clear knowledge of something and Quality of truth.

7- World

Clean and free of added or superfluous things.

8- Tenderness

Reconfigure tenderness and appropriate it to make changes in our daily lives. The RAE says that it is 1. Quality of tender; 2. Feeling of endearing affection; 3. compliment

9- Crystal

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language refers that this word is:

1. Glass, especially high-quality glass. Farm Crystal.

2. Piece of glass or other similar substance that covers a hole in a window, in a showcase, etc.

3. Glasses lens.

4. Very thin woolen fabric with some sheen.

5. Phys. and Quim. Solid whose atoms and molecules are regularly and repeatedly distributed in space.

6. Geol. Solid body that naturally has a more or less regular polyhedral shape; p. eg, salts, stones, metals and others.

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